Sunday, October 21, 2012

sum things 2 ponder b4 setting foot!!!

these r sum things that prospective couples could (should) discuss b4 getting married...... It includes me too!!!! refer to the link

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lazy- Determined

Its been a long time, since I have penned down my tots. As d title goes, 'Lazy but Determined'. I have analyzing a lot happens and I am learning... I am gonna start..... Gospel of John, chapter 15 is one of ma favorite passage, Abide in me..... Reinhard Bonnnke, made a quote 'moment by moment' I have to make a conscious effort to abide with God, moment by moment....

GOD is GOD , n man is man... who is man tat God so so so mindful... man gets his identity in GOD, apart from GOD. man is nothing... nothing

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Winning takes time

It’s been a while since I wrote an article. I have been introspecting about my future and actively perceiving things. Working for God, is the greatest honor. People have looked down on ministers who have been in the ministry and looking for help form others. (From God means, God passing help through humans)

But, I don’t want to be tagged like that. The few months I was in ministry at Delhi. I am sure that God gave me enough to give to others. I follow this principle. ‘Giving is better than receiving’

During my summer break from seminary, Dad passed on a mission magazine to me called ‘Ethne’. The title for this particular issue was ‘A new breed of Professionals’ –Tent making. It caught my attention and it had all what was on my mind.

Tent making is an interesting concept which I would recommend. In simple it is moving into a needy place, where the gospel is not reached and it’s hard to penetrate. There you find a job in that environment to sustain yourself and family (If married) and do the primary work of the gospel. (At this point, many would argue which is the primary task? Work or Gospel. Well for me there should be a striking balance. )

Some individuals who are tentmakers in India are people who have relocated to North India, picked up secular jobs in educational institutions as teachers, lecturers, in the field of medicine as doctors, nurses, employed in Social Development sector to name a few. Tentmakers deliberately create opportunity to get engaged with gospel work.

I can picture myself being a tentmaker. Well this is about my career. But what about my personal and family life? It is a BIG question mark for me till this day. One thing is for sure; God has his own tricks and plans up his sleeves.I believe that he will deliver at the right time.

It’s been close to two years, since I have been in North India. Well I am not boasting about my experience. I know two years is so less a time. But, let me share my experience. Any given day, I love South India - food, family, culture, people, atmosphere, language and all about South India. Hmmm… Girls too J. I have never been appreciative of North India. I guess it is the mindset.

I was wondering if I would settle down with a girl of my choice in South India doing ministry (If this is what God wants from me.) Well, I would be the world’s greatest fool if I am on my own, thinking that I am doing according to God’s plan, which I am not doing. When I think about this I tremble.

I always had this on my mind. (I should check with God if he is also thinking in these lines.) I would settle down with my wife in a place where there is a real need. Having been acquainted with few domains, I thought I would get engaged with people in ministry.

-Teaching music, all what I know Drums, Guitar, Keyboard

-Teach in an educational institute- School, College, Bible College

-Social Development Work

- Church Work

These are some of the things that are on my mind

I would agree with the article mentioned earlier ‘A new breed….’, Where emphasis is given on the entire family getting involved in ministry through tent making. One thing I ask God and I long for is a person who loves the Lord and his work. I have seen couples, who are tent makers and it excites me.

I would like to thank God for such a family like mine. My parents are always open for discussion, especially dad, he is my hero. I look up to him for all what he is. We share a lot of stuff though we differ in many areas. But we love each other. The other day, I was watching a TV program. It had a presentation of all the Presidents of India. I was wondering how individuals could become the head of the nation, and how they have influenced the society. Can I become one? Not a President, but an influential person?

Saturday, November 13, 2010

GOD (Yahweh) our Refuge

When a person is looking for comfort and solace, Christians (Including me) easily flip the pages of our bible to the following words, ‘The eternal God is your refuge’, and ‘God is our refuge and strength.’ One of the greatest song writers of the bible times, King David, the Psalmist said: ‘God is my refuge and my fortress’. I hope the psalmist meant what he said, because they are profound words from a man of such stature.

David was the King of Israel, and can you image what this King lacked to make such a statement. To my understanding, a King in himself is a refuge and a fortress to the people of his kingdom. However, David says, God is my refuge! I am astounded.
With this as an Introduction, I would like to share an experience which is true and which has challenged and made me think. Names are changed for confidentiality purpose.

Salem and his family - loving wife and a teenage son are from Iran. They are from a nation which is governed by strong Islamic law. The Islamic law is very stringent in Iran, and there is no margin for error, especially when it comes to religious Issues. Salem is from a middle class family, where he and his family share a rich family heritage. Their family members are pious believers of the Islamic faith.

Salem decided to pursue his graduate studies and he comes to Delhi, the capital of India. After his arrival, it took sometime for the family to settle down. Salem enrolls himself for a commerce program in the Delhi University, his son Husain enrolls for tenth grade in a nearby local school. Salem’s wife Nafisa is coping with the new environment and managing the house. Back home in Iran, the family members where happy about the progress of Salem and his family. There was constant support from home.

When everything was going on well, an incident took place that changed the entire course of the three. Through a local minister, Salem heard the gospel of Jesus Christ, and response to the gospel without looking at the consequences. In due course of time Salem’s faith grew stronger day by day. He fell in love with Jesus. Salem shared this overflowing joy to Nafisa and Husain; they also put their trust in Jesus Christ. The Salems started their faith journey by praying and reading the Word of God, and they cherished every moment, life in Jesus.

One day Salem realized his roots, and looked back. He shared this experience and joy to his family member back home in Iran. But there was a negative response. The situation in Iran is, if a person converts to other faith from Islam, he is liable for capital punishment. Being a Islamic law driven state, the government supports the same. Salem was sure that, the moment we land in Iran, we would be sentenced to death.

I (Emmi) was wondering, if Salem had taken a wrong decision by accepting Christ, without looking at the consequences! I wonder in what mindset did, Salem accept Christ? Did Salem realize the future consequences that he and his family would face? Well, after my discussion with The Salems, I was wrong! They were sure in their decision and never was there a second thought. (I am challenged. Can you and I be bold enough to take a stand like The Salems?)

Salem has finished his course, and Husain is also finishing his schooling. But what next for The Salems? They cannot go back home as death awaits them in Iran. He cannot be in India, as he is not permitted to be a resident of India. Where will they go? What is the future of the trio, for accepting Christ? The Salems have requested the Government of India for ‘Refugee Status’ in India.

Look at plight of the Salems for making one crucial decision in their life. Which is the most important of all? I’m imagining what should be running in Salem’s mind: is this the reward I and my family get for accepting Jesus Christ? Me, having everything in life back home; I am living under the mercy of someone. What a plight!
I have noticed that The Salems have never given up in following Jesus, in spite of what they are going through. The trio boldly testifies that Our God (Yahweh) is our Refuge. Many a times we (including me) sing, read, and profess, ‘GOD is our Refuge’, just because the situation demands it. Are there similar situations such as what the Salems are going through? Do we still profess ‘GOD is our Refuge?’


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Everyone has got a story to tell

Everyone has got a story to tell
Everyone is so special to themselves.
How can you judge someone by their appearance
Without talking or knowing them?,
How can you come to a conclusion?
Everyone is so dear to themselves.

They don’t go through what you go through,
Neither do you go through what they go through.
Just listen to them, talk to them,
Spend time with them
Cos everybody has got a story to share/tell.

I really admire people, who have strong ambitions in life,
Though money is pulling them down,
But still fighting and pressing on.

How does this work? God, are you looking at each and everyone?
I so amazed and standing in awe - I ponder:
Is God really taking care of each and everyone of us?

Is there still Love in this world?
Even poor families,
when they lose their loved ones they cry.
Poor people also cherish relationships.
They also do have feelings

Sunday, May 9, 2010

GOD (YHWH) vs. Money

When I think about this statement, GOD vs. Money it shred my body. Money, a strong competitor for GOD! How dare? I remember in one of my leadership classes, the resource person quoted, “When Jesus said, ’Repent‘ what does it imply; repent from what?” Many said, “Repent from sin”. But He said, “Repent from your love for money”. I really did not agree and understand the deep and profound thought that was laid before. Later did I realize what he quoted was so profound.
I am known for procrastination, the latest is in writing this article. I drafted this article more than a month ago. But, as I am having a special trait of postponing things, here at last I pen this down. Whenever I think of the word ‘Procrastination’, I am always reminded of my college mate, Guru. He once mentioned, “Never Procrastinate”, which always rings in my mind.
Before writing this article, I went out to my balcony and saw a pigeon’s nest. The pigeons do not have a storing unit. On the other side, Crows are peaking on the food offered by my neighbours. Jesus said, “Do not worry” and gives a wonderful analogy about birds, flowers and King Solomon in Matthew 6: 25 – 34. To conclude He says “Seek he first the kingdom……..all these things will be given to you as well”.
I was wondering, how Jesus could make such a statement. I (we) live in a fast paced life with so many commitments like family, relationship, career, money, studies, job, marriage, success, fame, failure, desires and what not! Did Jesus knowing all this, did he say, “Do not worry”? After my little experience in Delhi I can boldly say, “YES”. In spite after seeing and experiencing all this, Jesus said “Do not worry”. Strange ah! I am awestruck after my Delhi experience.

I would like to draw a relationship with the verse “the harvest is plenty, but the workers are few”. In Delhi I had wonderful bible studies. There was a lot of sharing and discussion. In the end a major concern and prayer point would be - please pray for Delhi, as there are more than 1 million college students and we only have 1 full time staff, with 2 associate staff. There is an inappropriate ratio between staff and the number of students.
The person who prays would refer to the verse ‘laborers are few... harvest is plenty’. I would challenge each and everyone, why not be available for GOD - Evangelistic Ministry for at least two years? If everyone takes turns, then there would be enough staff for His mission. I know it would cost you a lot. Are you worried about your spouse, children, their education, food, clothing, shelter and are you worried that the pleasures that you are enjoying so far would all crumble down? So, don’t you trust GOD? Yes, don’t you trust GOD? We all say that HIS word is the truth, and what He said will come to pass. Then why not give a try and trust him? According to what I have experienced, the GOD who called me is faithful till date. I did not lack anything. In fact, I have enough to bless others.

Who are the poor? I don’t want to give a definition and label them. People on the street are one such group. I am always amazed about their survival, though they don’t have as much as those people who live in houses and apartments have or earn. Then how do they survive? Well let me answer, Matthew Chapter 6 does work here. God provides. Because they don’t have anything, they will gladly accept whatever comes their way. In Delhi the poor can easily survive over here, everyday, people distribute food to everyone irrespective of class, creed or caste. We (Those who have) are so fussy about water, we, generally prefer mineral or purified water, but, the poor are not bothered. Water from any source is water for them. They sleep wherever they find place; if they are chased away they is always another place. I really wonder why Jesus always referred and mentioned about the poor? Did He like them more than the rich? Was He more concerned about the poor than the rich?

My friends’ claim that because I am supported by my family, I am thinking about GOD, mission and ministry. Imagine, if you were to support your family, would you not be thinking of how to make more money for the family. They say, “Emmanuel I can think about GOD because He will help me financially. Emmanuel, how would you respond if you were in my state?” I was shocked, because reality is hard and raw. I am not sure, what my response would be. May be I would think of GOD as a monetary source. Money, a strong strong competitor to GOD - I can’t comprehend.